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Sync functionality in detail

Sync has an extensive range of features which ensure fast, smooth and secure synchronisation of data of any size and format.

Folder Permissions

Folder permission is a kind of sharing right which determines what exactly a user can do with a shared folder. There are three permissions available:

Read Only -- users can read the data in a shared folder
Read & Write -- users can read and update the data in a shared folder
Owner -- owners can read, update, share the folder, change permissions, and revoke access

In Sync you can:

Change between Read Only, Read & Write and Owner permissions before, while or after sharing folders with other people

 Revoke a user’s access to future updates to the folder
 Alter a user’s permission when approving their connection request

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Linking Devices using a Private Identity

All of your devices can be linked together via Private Identity - it’s the private alternative to having an account in the cloud

Folder list is common across all of your linked devices - there is no need to manually add each folder to each device. Three synchronisation modes are available:

  • Disconnected - a folder appears in Sync UI, but not connected. You can connect and start it syncing here later. 
  • Selective Sync - the folder is connected to the peer group, all files in the folder are viewable but not yet synchronized (instead of fetching the whole files, Sync creates placeholders).
  • Synced - the folder is connected to the peer group and all files are synchronized in full.

 You can disconnect a folder from Sync and then re-connect to it some time later

 A device with a lot of storage can be set to Synced mode, keeping all of your shared folders automatically synchronised, whereas Selective Sync mode is best suitable for mobile devices

You can share a folder and approve connections from any of your linked devices - no need anymore to approve connections on the specific device that shared the folder initially.

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Access Files On-Demand

 While sharing folders you can also control how much data is actually downloaded.  

When Selective Sync is ON, you will connect to the folder without synchronizing all of its contents - only placeholder files (very small in size) will be received, thus saving space and allowing access to very large folders
Access files on-demand by opening .rsls placeholder files in Windows Explorer (Windows) or Finder (OS X)

Synchronisation progress is shown for individual files in Windows Explorer (Windows) and Finder (OS X)

Folder Sharing

All sharing starts on a desktop platform. Folders can be added via "Add folder" button, through the contextual menu or by dragging-and-dropping the folder into the Sync interface (Windows and OS X)

By default, you now only need to approve a person once - the next time you share a folder with that person, an approval is not necessary because you’re retaining a certificate with their identity

Optionally, you can set the folder link security options to require an approval for every peer that tries to connect, whether you approved them before or not

The latest version of Sync supports two types of folders: Standard (formerly known as 1.4, or classic) and Advanced (2.0) folders. Click here for details

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Folder Control<

You can pause syncing for individual folders
All peers and devices connected to a folder are now conveniently grouped in the Peer List

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Sync 2.2 lets you search for folders, users and devices

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Sync Pro Licensing

 Up to 50 Pro licenses can be purchased and shared with colleagues, friends etc, all privately from within Sync

The license owner can reclaim or revoke a seat from a user and assign it to someone else

 You can alsoapply a license on a private network (without internet access) by opening the .btskey license file attached to the purchase confirmation email

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General Desktop Improvement

Columns in the folder list can now be sorted
Offline devices can be cleared from the list of linked devices

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General Mobile Improvements

Ability to clear synced files for a folder to free up space
Ability to cancel pending file transfers
More accessible action menu in the main folder list on Android
Now you can back up to a linked device in 2 clicks, without having to send an email
You can change which devices you back up to at any time
There is now a Peer List per folder
Each folder has a details page which shows size, number of files, last synced date, and other helpful info

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Customer Support

 When requesting support from within Sync, Pro customers are automatically placed to the front of the queue
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