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Disconnecting and Removing Folders

When you're done syncing a folder, you can choose to disconnect it, which only affects one device, or to remove it, which affects all the devices linked with your personal identity.

Note: on desktop platforms, folders can be disconnected in Sync Pro only. The Free version only lets you remove folders thus bypassing the disconnecting stage. 

When you disconnect a folder, it will no longer be kept in sync with any other devices, but it will remain in the file system and can be accessed through a file browser. Note that Sync will remove placeholder files from the folder (if "Selective Sync" was enabled).

To disconnect a folder on a desktop computer, hover your mouse over a folder, open the menu, then click Disconnect > OK


 To disconnect a folder on an Android-powered device, tap the "i" symbol > Details > Disconnect. IMPORTANT NOTE: if your Android device is not linked to other Sync Pro devices then the folder will be completely removed from Sync.



iOS (iPad): Tap the "i" button > Disconnect:



Windows Phone: tap and hold the folder you wish to disconnect > Disconnect:






Reconnect a folder

Once you disconnect a folder, it will still be available on your linked devices, and you can choose to access it again from the device where you disconnected it by selecting "Connect".

Desktop: hover your mouse over the folder in the Disconnected state and click Connect:

Android: tap the dots > Connect
iOS: tap the menu button > Connect
Windows Phone: tap and hold the folder > Connect


Note that when you reconnect a folder, Sync will propose a default path which may be different from the original path to that folder. As a result, a new directory may be created there. If there's already a folder with same name, Sync will add (1) index to the newly created one.
If you would like to re-establish syncing to the old directory, you should change the path manually, so that it matches the path to the folder which was previously disconnected:

On Androids, disable "Simple mode" to be able to select folder location.
When you click "Connect", a confirmation box will appear: "Destination folder is not empty. Add anyway?" Ignore the message and click "OK".

Remove a folder

When you're ready to stop syncing a folder permanently, you can remove it from Sync. In this case, it will no longer be displayed in Sync on any device linked to your identity. Folder will still remain the file system, but on iOS and WP will be removed from device at all.
To remove a folder, first, you must get it into "Disconnected" state (see the instructions above). Then, follow the instructions specific for the OS of your device.

Desktop: hover your mouse over the folder and click Remove:

Android: Tap the dots > Remove > Remove:


iOS: Open the folder menu > Remove:

Windows Phone: tap and hold the folder > Remove from all devices:

When you remove a folder from your linked devices, it might still be available on other remote devices that are not linked to your personal identity.

Note that you can also pause synchronization of your folders, either per-folder or for the entire Sync app.


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