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How to pause syncing

Sync can pause syncing of any of your folders at any time while retaining full access to them. 

Pause implies that only bits downloads are stopped. It means that

- zero sized files will be synced either way;
- paused peers will be able to upload files, but won't download anything;
- file's deletion will be synced either way;
- new files will be rescanned and indexed, i.e. share size will increase accordingly on a paused peers.

This is quite useful when you don’t want certain folders to be synchronized for a while or when the transfer speed is low and you’d like to set priority for other folders by putting folders you don’t need right now on hold.

To pause syncing you can use either Scheduler or Pause option in Sync settings/folder preferences. 

Mobile: tap the "i" button, then tap ‘Pause’:



Desktop: hover your mouse over the folder, click the dots and then choose 'Pause syncing’:


Once the folder is paused, it'll be marked with a special symbol:

To resume syncing, simply repeat the above steps - for already paused folders Pause syncing button will be replaced with ‘Resume syncing’ (or just ‘Resume’ on mobile platforms).​

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