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Getting Sync PRO

Purchasing Pro license

Resilio Sync Home Pro and Sync Business offer a great deal more functionality compared to Sync FREE. To learn more about PRO features in general click here.  
You can upgrade to PRO version either by going directly to Purchase Page or clicking on the 'Upgrade to Pro' button spotted all over the app. 
To learn more about features that Home and Business licenses give click here.
When purchasing non-subscription license for personal usage, one can select between Sync Home  Pro and Sync Family Pro. The former can be used on all devices belonging to one person. The latter can be used on all devices belonging to up to 5 family members. 
When purchasing Sync Business license, one can select monthly or yearly subscription.
Monthly subscriptions can have 5, 10, 15, etc seats.
Yearly subscription gives option to purchase 1, 2 or 3 seats in addition to that. 
One can also enable Server support or API for some of the purchased seats.

Activating the license

Once the billing information is entered and payment is processed, you'll get an e-mail confirming your purchase with the license key attached. If you haven't received the mail, check Spam box, or please contact support. 

Home Pro and Family Pro license is to be applied directly to Sync devices using the same single license key form the e-mail.
Sync Business license can be applied to only one Sync identity, which becomes License Owner. Other devices that are linked to this identity get updated to Pro. Other devices not linked to this identity are to be updated to Pro via shared seat (see below), and they become license Users. Do not apply the Business license key to several Sync identities!
To activate your license, download and double-click the btskey file provided in the e-mail:
In Sync using Web UI (mainly on Linux and NAS) only manual connection is possible, therefore, to activate your Sync, follow the instructions below:

1. Download the btskey file attached to the e-mail. 
2. Open it in your text editor.
3. Copy the chain of symbols and paste it into the manual connection box:

Note: if you are using Sync 2.0 - 2.1, be sure to add btsync:// before the chain of symbols.

When you activate your copy of Sync, a welcome window will appear. Here you can review your subscription details as well share the rest of the seats with others. The person who receives a shared seat or Family license key file will be able to create his/her own mesh of devices embraced by their unique Sync certificate (identity). 


As soon as license is applied to an identity, each of the devices belonging to this identity will upgrade to the PRO version. For example, if you have a desktop and two laptops - all linked via My devices - then upgrading to PRO (activating a license) on the desktop computer will automatically switch Sync into the PRO mode on the laptops. If later on you decide to link even more devices to your identity, the instances of Sync running on those devices will be upgraded to PRO automatically



Only license Owner can share the seats. If you have a multi-seat license for business use, you can share extra seats with others. Sharing a seat with another user will upgrade their copy of Sync to the Pro version.

Go to Sync Preferences > Licenses...

Then click either of the two options:

- 'E-mail' - this will open your default mail client and paste the license sharing link into the e-mail.
- 'Copy' - this will copy license sharing link to clipboard. You can then manually paste the link into an e-mail, text file, message etc which will be sent to another person.

When a person receives the link, they need to paste it to "Manual Connection" field in Sync. License Owner will get request for accessing the seat: 

By hitting approval, you will grant one of your seats to that person.
If you go back to the Licenses window, you'll see that one more seat has been used. At the foot of the page you can find the name of the user you've shared one of your seats with:
License Owner can also reclaim a previously granted seat from any user at any time and share it with somebody else. In this case the user form who license is reclaimed, will lose access to all of Sync PRO functionality. ​To reclaim a seat, simply hover your mouse over the name of the user and then 'Reclaim'.


If you wish to change the device acting as the license owner (controller), you can do so by simply removing the license from this device and then activating your license again on another device. In that event, all previously shared seats will remain with their recipients (you won’t have to re-share seats from scratch). 

Please note that if you are a business user, you can purchase additional seats at any time. Just go to the Licenses window (Options > Licenses) and click Buy additional seats.

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