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Sync FREE vs Sync PRO

Pricing plans are available here.  

All Sync Versions

Fast transfer speeds

Private device-to-device communication

No folder size limits

Unlimited number of folders

Sync Home Free

Sync Home Pro & Sync Family (for Individuals)
Sync for Business

Standard folders only

Standard + Advanced folders

One Synchronization Mode (Synced)*

Three Synchronization Modes (Disconnected, Selective Sync and Synced)

Single File Sharing (v2.6 and newer)

Single File Sharing (v2.5)



Ability to link devices under a common certificate (enables automatic synchronization across linked devices)


Ability to change permissions on-the-fly


Selective Sync


Priority support for Pro Business


In Sync Home Pro and Business, you can change access permissions (Read Only, Read & Write, Owner) as well as revoke access at any time from users you share files with (unavailable while sharing data via My Devices). This functionality is offered in Advanced folders, whose architecture is based on the new technology. For example, if you wish to upgrade Read Only permission to Read & Write, you won't have to disconnect a folder and then reconnect it again passing a new key: Sync will modify permission at the push of a button without breaking connection. Learn more 

Pro version enables you to link all of your devices with a common certificate. This gives you access to ALL added folders on ALL of your linked devices automatically. For example, you can add a folder on your desktop, and in a few moments it’ll automatically appear on your linked mobile phone, laptop, etc. No further action such as passing keys, giving approvals etc is necessary. Since this feature is available in Sync Pro only, in Sync Free, you'll need to create a certificate (identity) for each device.

Selective Sync lets you access files on other devices without actually syncing them in full to your device. You can view folders, look through their contents and then fetch only those files you need.

Synchronization Modes is a global setting which lets you choose how much data you’d like to move between your devices. For example, in Synced Mode, all data is synchronized in full; in Connected mode, you can access files on other devices without syncing 100% of data to your device (similar to Selective Sync). In Disconnected Mode, syncing is put on hold, all folders stand by until you choose to connect them and start synchronization. Available on mobile platforms in the free product, on desktops this feature gets activated in the Pro version only. Learn more about synchronization modes.

Single File sharing lets you share a file or a few files directly, using a link or QR code. With this option there is no need to create a sync share if you wants want to send a file to someone. See here for more details. It's a Free feature starting from Sync v2.6.

Both ​Pro and Free users are encouraged to browse Sync Knowledge Base for the answers to their questions as well as check Resilio Sync Forum. Pro Business users are provided with guaranteed support within 24 hours of their request. Pro personal and Free users are welcome to send their feedbacks - Sync support team will respond to them to the extent possible.

*Important note on mobile platforms: Sync mobile app is free, and unlike desktop versions, it does not have feature limitations, however, linking your mobile device to a licensed copy of Sync on a desktop will let you get the most out of your Sync.

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