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Sync interface on Android

Here's the overview of interface elements on Android devices: 

1. Opens "Options" (see below).
2. Folder which stored shared files (see details
3. Opens sync share details (see below).
4. Backup shares (see details). 

12.png 13.png











 Open on tapping "+":    

Send file - sends a selected file to remote peer.
Create folder - creates a new sync share.
Add backup - let you pick a folder for backup.
Scan QR code - opens camera to scan a QR code from another peer.
Enter a key - let you manually enter a key to a share received from another peer.

5. Sync Options:


Helen: opens identity details - username, fingerprint and device name
Folders: opens folders view
Shared links: opens the list of shared files
My devices: opens the list of linked devices. Has options to unlink current device or rename it (change device name).
Setting: opens general Sync settings. See here for details
Help: opens Sync help Center
Contact Support: lets you write to support  
Exit: shuts Sync down correctly 




6. Sync share details: 










anc : share name, and the pencil icon  lets you rename it. It will be renamed  both - in Sync and in the system
Share: let you share this folder with other peers. 
Pause: pauses synchronization
Disconnect: disconnects the folder from  Sync. The folder is preserved in the  system 
Clear: turns all synced files on this  device into placeholders. Available only with Selective Sync ON.
Selective Sync toggle to turn itON/OFF 
Peers: shows the peer list.
Details: displays information about the  folder such as permission type,  size, number of synced files and path to  the folder location.
Advanced: opens per folder settings, described below: 











 Use Archive: disables/enables file versioning. Available only for shares located on internal phone's memory. 
Overwrite any changed files: option to re-download the files from the source peer if this file gets changed on the phone. This option is available for Read-only shares. Detailed description on what this option does see here.
Use relay server: enables/disables relay server. Relay servers are used when peers cannot connect directly to each other.
Use tracker server: enabled/disables tracker server. Tracker server is necessary for peer discovery over WAN.
Search LAN: sets Sync to use broadcast packets in LAN for peer discovery. For successful discovery router shall also have broadcasts enabled. 
Add new host: add a predefined host. Put IP and listening port of a remote peer. Phone will be connecting to that peer directly. Can be used with relay, tracker and  search LAN options being OFF.

7. The files list view: 

  8. Name of the current sync share 
  9. Control panel: 
    - search option to find a file through the file through the whole share 
    - button to add files from other apps right to the current directory 
    - three-dots menu opens Sorting, Details and Create Subfolder options. 
 10. Opens file or subfolder details. They are pretty much the same as sync  share details above




Syncing between a desktop computer and a mobile device 

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