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Syncing between a desktop computer and a mobile device

This article describes how to add, remove, update and share folders between a desktop computer and a mobile device, both of which run Sync under different identities.
For the information about setting your identity and linking devices, click here.
For a step-by-step guide on how to share data between two desktop computers, click here.


Choose a folder on a desktop computer which you would like to keep synced with a mobile phone/tablet:


In the Share window, click 'QR code'.


Tap '+' > Scan QR code. To be able to pick folder location on the phone, disable "Simple mode" in Sync settings -> Advanced prior to scanning the QR.














iOS (as viewed on iPad): Tap the '+' symbol -> Scan QR code                          
Windows Phone: Tap 'Scan QR'

Once you’ve done that, Sync will immediately open a QR code scanner. 
Point the camera at the code to capture it. When the code is captured and processed, Sync create add the shared folder.  It may take the devices a little bit of time to start syncing but once it’s started, you’ll see the new folder on your mobile phone/tablet screen. A tap on the folder name will reveal its contents. 

By default, Sync will NOT copy the entire files - rather it will display placeholders (which take up very little space) and then let you choose the files you'd like to get synced in full. This feature is called Selective Sync and it is enabled/disabled through the Selective Sync On/Off toggle. To get more information on how it works on mobile devices, click here.
To get files in full, just tap on their names. Sync will start copying the files to your device, and after some time you'll see checkmarks by those files which are synced in full:

The owner of the folder can issue one of the three sharing permissions:

Read Only - you can read the data but can't make any changes to it.
Read & Write - you can modify or remove the existing files and add new ones.
Owner - on top of the Read & Write privileges, you get the right to share the folder with other peers. 

For more info on permission management, refer to this article


If you have a Read & Write or Owner permission, you can modify and update the files within the shared folder or add new ones - Sync will synchronize all the changes. You can even rename the already added folders in your file system (desktop platforms and Android). 


To add a new file to the synced folder, tap 'Add file' icon at the top of the screen (doesn't appear if you have a Read Only folder).


To add new files, tap the folder you wish to update=>the dots=> 'Add Files' (won't be on the list of options if you have a Read Only permission):

Windows Phone

To add new files, tap the folder you wish to update=> tap '+' (won't be on the list of options if you have a Read Only permission):

After some time (depends on the file size and connection speed) the new file will appear on the desktop computer.



To delete a file from a synced folder,

- first pick the folder
- tap and hold the file you wish to delete. If you'd like to delete multiple files, tap and hold the first file, then tap the other ones
- tap the dots       
- choose Clear or Remove.

deletes the actual files on this device and replaces them with placeholders.
'Remove' deletes files on all connected devices.



On iOS platforms tap the dots => Select:

Tap the the necessary files:

Tap Clear or Remove (at the foot of the screen):

Windows Phone

To delete a downloaded file, tap and hold it for approx. 2 seconds.



If you have an Owner permission, you can continue sharing a folder from your mobile device:

- tap the "i" by the folder name
- tap 'Share'

- open the folder menu
- tap 'Share'

Windows Phone:

You can share a folder 

A) by tapping a specially designated tile on the main screen (all folders for which you have owner permission will be listed there) or
B) by tapping the folder you wish to share=> tapping the 'Share' symbol when viewing files (
doesn't appear if you have a Read Only folder).


* Although scanning QR code is the most convenient method of connecting folders or linking devices, alternatively, you can type in/paste the key manually by tapping the 'ENTER KEY'  button:

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Tip: While syncing/updating files, Sync relies on the internal clock of your device, therefore, it's crucial that the time settings on all of your devices are correct. Failure to maintain correct time & timezone may result in Excessive time difference error.

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