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Sync Share Dialog (Desktop)

The Share window appears:

- when you hover your mouse over the folder you wish to share and click the "Share" button*:

 - when you right-click the folder in your file system and choose Service -> Share folder with Resilio Sync.

Note: Advanced folders can be shared only by peers who have Owner access to the folder. Non-owners will have their option to share grayed out.

Advanced folder share dialog

1. Option to share a link (preferable do sharing with other desktops) or QR code (for sharing with mobiles). 

2. Permission sets the type of access you wish to grant to peers:

Read Only permission lets other peers only download the contents of the folder. Should they make any changes (i.e. delete or modify existing files, add new ones to the folder), none of such changes will be synced to you or other peers. See more details here.
Read & Write permission lets other peers not only read the files but also introduce all kinds of changes which will be synced across all peers. 
Owner permission. All peers getting with Owner access get Read-Write permissions and additionally can share the folder with other peers. 

3. Security section helps you to ensure that your folder will be shared with the right people. Each option is described below. 

4. Means of sharing. Email option opens up your default mail client and pastes a sharing link into the a template. Copy option copies link to clipboard. You can paste this link into your messenger, e-mail, etc.


Standard folder share dialog:

It's pretty much the same as Advanced folder dialog explained above, with a few differences:
- it has Key option (1). The major difference between keys and links is the approval mechanism. Key do not have that. 
 - it has no Owner permission level. All peers can share the folder with others, and RO peers can share only RO key (they don't have read-write key). 

Sync enables you to set approval requirement for peers who you're going to share data with. This feature serves as an additional safety precaution to block unauthorized access to your data. When approval requirement is enabled, no data transfer will occur until you confirm that you do want to share that peer peer. 

By selecting/clearing the checkbox as well as choosing from the dropdown menu, you may pick the option that suits you best. Unchecked option means that a peer who gets the link will connect and start syncing automatically. There are two options in total:

Only new peers will have to ask for approvals. Those peers who have already been approved of by you will be granted access automatically.

All peers - even though a peer might have already been approved of, it'll still require new approval when connecting to another shared folder..
This option sets the desired expiration period: it means that in N days after being generated the link will render invalid and no new peers will be able to connect with it. For new peers to connect, they'll need to get a new link from the folder owner. 
This option means that the link can be clicked on (used by Sync) only N times. Each N+1 attempt to connect using this link by whoever will be not successful.
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