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Folder Types and Management


Since Sync offers a great deal of flexibility with syncing your data, there are several types of folder icons used in the program, each denoting a specific folder behavior:

  Owner - Full Sync
  Owner - Selective Sync
  Read & Write -Full Sync
  Read & Write -Selective Sync
  Read Only -Full Sync
  Read Only -Selective Sync


Pending folders - require approval of the person who shared the folder. If that user has approved you before, then the folder will automatically connect when one of their devices is online.

Disconnected folders - these do not take up any space on your device, and do not even have a folder path associated with them. They are only shown to allow you to take action on them at a future time. If you remove a disconnected folder, it will be removed from all your linked devices.

Selective Sync folders have Selective Sync enabled and  take up minimal space while showing you the contents of the folder. The ‘real’ files inside the folder are represented by placeholder files in the file system. By double clicking on the placeholder file you will fetch the full file from another device and save it to your device. 

Full Sync folders synchronize all of the content of the folder between the devices. Selective Sync is off. All the files in the folder will be automatically synced to your device.

Read Only folders indicate that you may not send any changes, additions, or deletions to the rest of the swarm. Depending on your local settings, you may be able to change your local copies of synced files - if you do this, you will no longer receive updates to those files.

The crown shows that you are an Owner and, consequently, you can share the folder with other peers. 

Encrypted folders are designed to serve as a backup located in an untrusted environment. For example, now you can add an encrypted folder to a VPS - this will give your Sync cloud functionality with no risk that your data will ever be read by unauthorized persons. 


By default, Sync displays Name, Status and Peers Online columns. However, you can get it to show a lot more information.

Right-click the column header area and select/clear the checkboxes of those columns you wish to see/hide:

Now Sync displays the columns you've selected:


Sync 2.2 also enables you to sort the folders. By clicking the column headers you can sort your folders by name, size, date synced, etc. Sortable columns are indicated with a little triangle*:


To switch form ascending to descending order or vice versa, just click on the column header one more time. 

* Note: only those columns which are marked with the triangle symbol can be sorted. 

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