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If your device is stolen

If one of your devices used for sharing data via Sync has been stolen, the thief's chances to gain access to the contents of the shared folders depend on your operating system security. If the drive on the stolen device was encrypted, there’s nothing to worry about: no one will access your data unless they have a decryption key. If the drive wasn’t encrypted, the thief can potentially run Sync on the stolen device and, consequently, view, modify or remove data on other linked devices. If that is the case, the following steps should be considered:

- Back up the data in the folders added to Sync.
- Remove the synced data from the storage folder.
- Uninstall Sync. While uninstalling on Windows select ‘Remove settings’.
- Re-generate your identity and link your devices anew. For the guide on how to create an identity and link devices, click here
- Re-add the folders.
The above steps will remove the previous instance of Sync and break the connection with the stolen device. If you have a PRO version, you should activate your license again (click here to see how). The owner of the license is the peer who activated it most recently, therefore re-adding the license to Sync will override the previous activation. If the thief runs Sync on the stolen device and goes online, that instance of Sync will automatically be reverted to the FREE version.
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