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How to activate/remove a license/seat?


This article describes how to activate a license/shared seat on different desktop platforms.
For a step-by-step guide on getting Sync PRO, click here.

Once the billing information is entered and payment is processed, you'll get an e-mail confirming your purchase. Click the btskey file provided in the e-mail and download it:


Sync Home Pro license can be applied to several Sync devices using the key. Sync Business license can be applied to only one Sync identity. This identity becomes License Owner. Other devices that are linked to this identity get updated to Pro automatically. Other devices not linked to this identity are to be updated to Pro via shared seat (see below). Do not apply the business license key to several Sync identities directly!

On Windows and Mac simply double click on the downloaded license key, or right click and pick to "Open with Resilio Sync". Another way is to open Sync UI, go to Menu -> Licenses -> Apply new key, pick the downloaded license key.

In Sync using WebUI (Linux , NAS and Windows service):  only manual connection is possible, therefore, to activate your Sync, please follow these steps:

1. Download the license key file. 
2. Open it in text editor.
3. Copy the chain of symbols and paste it into the manual connection box ("+" -> Enter key or link). 
4. Click 'Next'.

Note: if you are using Sync 2.0 - 2.1, be sure to add btsync:// before the chain of symbols.


To activate license on a headless computer, run the commands

Linux: ./rslsync --license /path/to/Sync_Home.btskey
Windows: "Resilio Sync.exe" /license C:\path\to\Sync_Home.btskey

If this is a clean installation of Sync and you haven't yet created identity, you need to first create it with --identity (/identity) param. 
Basically Family Pro - is a Home Pro license that can be applied on devices of 5 family members. Just apply the received license key the way described above. No need to share any seats, simply use the same key for every family member. 


Once you've applied the multi-seat license key, share the remaining seats with others. To activate a seat, you can do one of the following.
On License Owner go to License menu and click to e-mail or copy the link and send it to other device.
On the device being invited: copy and paste the link into "+"->"Enter key or link" manual connection box.
Back on License Owner approve of the new device. The new device becomes License User and other devices linked to its identity also start using this license seat.

To learn more about sharing seats, click here.


To remove a license go to Licenses menu and click "Remove license" button. Note, removing Business license from License Owner does not remove it from License Users. Same way - removing a shared seat will not affect other License Users and License Owner




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