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My files don't sync

If you find that Sync has stopped synchronizing and not all of the files are synced, there are a few things you can do.

First of all, check if peers are still connected. To do it,  enable column "Peers" in UI and click the "X of Y peers" link, where X is the number of online peer, Y - is the number of peers that have ever been connected to the share. Gray peers in the list are disconnected. If that's the case, you may need follow these steps to get your peers communicating.

If peers are connected, check the connection status on both peers: is it Synced or showing upload/download queue. 


If the connection status shows as 'Synced', the following problems may exist:

- Not all of your files were indexed. Enable column "Size" in Sync UI and see if it corresponds to that of the folder and remote peer. Check availability of the files on the uploading peer and make sure that Sync has permission to access those files.
- Sync didn't detect the file update or a new file. Restart Sync so that it rescans the folder.
- Files get filtered by .sync\IgnoreList file on all peers.

Showing upload/download queue.

If you see files listed as to be yet uploaded/downloaded, the following problems may exist:

Files are locked/protected by other applications. Double click on the connected peer and see which files are in sync queue. Go to the files and make sure that they are not being used by other applications, security software, encryption tools or the system itself.

- Destination peer has Read-Only access to the share and files have changed there. Enable option "Overwrite any changed" in share preferences on RO peer. Restart Sync there.

- Downloading peer does not have read-write access to the files. Recheck system permissions - the user who runs Sync must have rw access to the files and the directory itself. 

- Syncing between different system encoding. Check if the file names have any special symbols and check that the files are in UTF-8, the encoding that Sync understands.

-The filename or path is too long. On Mac, the max allowed character length is 1024 bytes, while on Windows and Linux it’s 255 bytes. 

Devices cannot merge folder trees. Try re-adding the folder to Sync, re-indexing this folder may be required. You can do this by simply removing the folder from Sync and adding it back. 

If Sync encounters file system errors it will abandon syncing. We advise running a disk check and searching for bad hard drive sectors. Also, it's a good idea to see if all drives are mounted properly.

- Files are being ignored by a remote peer.  Please check the IgnoreList on each. 

Sync doesn’t receive notifications about file change. Try restarting Sync so that it rescans the folder, or "touching" the files. 

The device that is downloading has run out of free space. Try making some room on the device/drive that is nearing max capacity or designating a different drive for the synced folder. 

Partially downloaded files remain on the receiving device. Check .sync directory and see if there are ###.!sync files stuck. If syncing doesn't resume after Sync restart, delete .!sync files and restart Sync again.

Incorrect time settings.
Make sure that time difference between devices is not more that 10 minutes. We recommend running timediff check.

If none of the above listed solutions works, please, collect the logs from all peers and send them to Support Team.

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