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Core warnings

No tracker connection

Sync uses tracker server for peer discovery. Tracker server addresses are learned from this config file. The warning means that this peer was not able to reach out to tracker. If other means of peer discovery (relay server, LAN broadcasts or predefined hosts) are also not available, peers won't connect to each other and won't sync files.
To allow connection to tracker, make sure that all possible firewalls and router rules allow TCP and UDP packets in and out on tracker ports. 


Running out of free space in storage location

Warning appears if there's less than 1Gb of space left on the disk where default folder location parameter in Sync General settings points:


Failed to sync list of folders

This warning means that something is wrong with identity on this device, for example
- .SyncUser### in storage folder is missing
- .SyncUser###/.sync folder is missing (read more)
- .SyncUser###/identity.dat file is either missing or damaged. 

Subfolder .SyncUser### is a hidden folder in storage where Sync keeps its identity, ### in its name stands for creation timestamp.

Warning message appears when devices are trying to get linked with one identity but fail for one of the reason above. To fix it: on the device where you see warning go to My Devices -> this device -> Unlink.  Create new identity for it and then link other devices to it. Or, if above mentioned directory is in its place, please contact support with debug logs from both devices being linked and the error code. 


License management is disabled

This warning means that currently applied license cannot be shared with other devices either via sharing seats (for Business license) or though common identity, or both. In Sync Business the warning appears only on the side of License Owner. To fix it go to Sync menu -> Licenses and click "Remove license" after that apply the license key again. This will not affect shared seats for business license. 

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