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Setting Delay Time For Syncing

Starting with ver. 2.2.0, Sync lets you set the delay time with which certain types of files will be synchronized to other devices. This may be helpful if you are modifying and syncing a file at the same time, for example, if you are editing an Office document located in a synced folder. In this case, setting a bigger delay time will prevent Office and Sync processes from running into conflict with each other.

The list of files for which delay time can be configured includes some of the most popular file extensions, including those of MS Office, AutoDesk and Adobe. By default, the delay time for all types of files is set to 10 seconds.

To set you your custom values, 

1. Open FileDelayConfig (Located in the Storage folder).

2. Edit the values for the appropriate file extensions. Note that the file is in JSON-format, so you should stick to the syntax:


3. Save the file and restart Sync.

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