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Can't read a QR code

 If you are experiencing trouble scanning a QR code by a mobile, here are a few tips: 

- While pointing your mobile device at the QR code, make sure the camera 'sees' the entire code, not just part of it.
- Make sure you are neither too close nor too far away from the code. 
- If you see that the code appears to be blurry on your mobile screen, try to adjust the focus so that the picture becomes clear. Also it's worth checking if your camera sensor is clean (keep in mind that camera sensor should be handled with care. If it needs cleaning, refer to the instructions provided by your mobile device manufacturer).
- QR scanning might not work properly in bad lighting conditions, so if your mobile device can't read the code, turn the brightness all the way up on the device displaying the code.

33.pngIf it still does not work, there's a way to manually connect the folder. On desktop select to share the folder via key or link and send this to the mobile. On Mobile tap "+" -> Enter key or link" and proceed.

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