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Current article covers the settings of today's latest Sync version. Older Sync versions may be missing some settings or still have deprecated ones.

To open Power user preferences, click Options (the cog button) > Preferences > Advanced > Open power user preferences:


Sync power user preferences:

Name Type Def. Value, unit Purpose
share_file_ttl int 3 Number of days that single file share is valid. Max value is 7.
send_statistics bool true Allows Sync to send anonymous statistical metrics. It only collects data like OS and Sync version, whether Sync is active or not, etc. Resilio never collects any private or sensitive info!
disable_remove_from_all_devices bool   If enabled, context menu "Remove from all devices" will be unavailable for Selective Sync shares. 
peer_expiration_days    int 7 (day) Number of days to pass before a peer is removed from the peer list
log_size int 100 (MB) Amount of memory allocated for debug logs
free_space_warning_threashold int 1024 (MB) If that much space is left on drive with default folder location, Sync will give a warning and stop syncing files
log_ttl int 7 (day) Amount of time debug logs will be stored
profiler_enabled bool false Starts recording data for speed issue analysis. Data is stored in profiler.dat in storage folder, rotated every 10 minutes. Requires client restart to activate.
config_refresh_interval int 3600 (sec) Controls how often Sync checks for the info about available trackers and relay servers. Can be adjusted to prevent HDD from low-power mode
config_save_interval int 600 (sec) Controls how often settings are saved to storage. Can be adjusted to prevent HDD from low-power mode
disk_low_priority bool false Forces all disk read-write operations to low priority
worker_threads_count int 0 Number of CPU threads to use during indexing. "0" means "use as many threads as possible on all cores available". 1 means one thread only, and so on. ***
show_service_disk_thread bool false Shows or hides disk threads in overview graphs 
enable_warning_no_source bool true Shows warning about peer that has requested file is not connected to the share. 
use_advapi_crypto bool false If enabled, Sync will be using advapi32 library instead of bcrypt.
net_enable_utp2 bool true Enables WAN optimization. Works only if WAN feature is present in license (for legacy licenses)
rate_limit_local_peers bool false Limits LAN bandwidth


not set

(eth0, wlan0, etc or MAC address)

Specifies network interface which will be used by Sync **



If enabled, Sync won't attempt to connect to other peers unless interface from "bind_interface" option is available. 
external_port int 0 External (i.e. relative to NAT) port value
max_packet_size int 32 (Mb) Maximum allowed packet size containing sync service data (tree nodes, ACLs, etc.)
max_torrent_metadata_size int 16 (MB) Amount of memory allocated for metadata
max_file_size_for_versioning int 1000 (MB) Defines the maximum size of file that will keep its old versions in Archive
folder_rescan_interval int 600 (sec) Every folder_rescan_interval Sync rescans folder for changes it could miss with other means
sync_max_time_diff int 600 (sec) Maximum time difference allowed between peers. If the actual time difference exceeds this value, Sync won't transfer data and will display an error
sync_trash_ttl int 30 (day) Amount of time a file will be stored in the archive

bool false Works only in Sync Business. If enabled, Sync will compress transferred data and save traffic. Side effect will be slower sync speed and higher CPU usage due to necessity to decompress. 
Shall be enabled on both sender as receiver so as to take effect. 
tunnel_compress_delay_size int 102400 Delay for uploading compressed data. Until defined size is collected, files won't be uploaded.
tunnel_compress_delay_time int 10000 in microseconds. Delay for uploading compressed data. 
torrent_max_piece_size int 2097152 in bytes. Decrease piece size to reduce delta diff when syncing. Downside might be reduced speed and higher CPU usage
torrent_piece_size_policy int 0 Possible value is 1. Set "1" to make it equal to sqrt(file_size).
prefer_utp2_lan bool false Enabled WAN optimization in LAN as well.
lan_encrypt_data bool true Forces to encrypt all Sync data flowing in LAN
transfer_job_skip_locked_files bool false

Applies to sharing single file feature. Locked files will be skipped. 

ignore_symlinks bool false Ignores symbolic links and does not sync them
folder_defaults.use_tracker  bool true Enables/disables the use of tracker
folder_defaults.use_lan_broadcast bool true Enables/disables LAN broadcast
folder_defaults.use_relay bool true Enables/disables the use of relay
folder_defaults.delete_unknown_files bool false  
overwrite_changes bool false Enables "Overwrite any changed files" for Read-only shares by default
folder_defaults.known_hosts str not set Hosts should be entered as a single line of IP:port pairs (or DNSname:port pairs*) comma-separated (no other delimiters allowed)
lazy_indexing bool true Works only in Sync Business. If enabled, Sync won't calculate hash of file until remote peer requests it. Note: renaming placeholder on remote peer won't work, file will not be renamed accordingly on source peer. 
direct_torrent_enabled bool true If file is smaller than current speed, it won't be broken into pieces. This may reduce transfer time as fewer requests are made and fewer pieces are transferred, but if transfer is interrupted, file will be re-synced from start.
prioritize_initial_indexing bool false Applies only to initial rescan on pre-seeded folders. If enabled, files won't be syncing until peers rescan their folders. Set is true for huge folders with millions of files so that they're indexed quickly
sync_extended_attributes bool true Disables or enabled syncing of xattrs and streams 
fix_conflicting_paths bool true If enabled, Sync won't set Conflicts for conflicting filenames. Disabling it may have unpredictable results.
net.udp_ipv4_mtu int 1500 Sets MTU size for IPv4 network
net.udp_ipv6_mtu int 1500 Sets MTU size for IPv6 network
disk_min_free_space string 0 (%) Options to reserve space on disk. Is an offset to free_space_warning_threashold 
disk_min_free_space_gb int 0 (GB) Options to reserve space on disk. Is an offset to free_space_warning_threashold
parallel_indexing bool false If enabled, all shares will be rescanned at the same time. This may cause heavy disk and CPU usage.
enable_file_system_notifications bool true Enables/disables operating system notifications about file update
keep_expired_transfer_days int 0 Number of days that Sync keeps expired file transfer in UI. 
normalize_unicode_paths bool true Normalizing unicode in filenames (making it in composed/decomposed form). 
recheck_locked_files_interval int 600 If Sync encounters a file which is locked by another app, it will recheck file's availability later. Too frequent recheck on large number of locked files may cause high CPU usage.
recreate_placeholders_on_removal bool false Used in Selective Sync shares. If enabled, user won't be able to delete a placeholder and thus propagate deletion to other peers. 

* DNS name is resolved by OS means once per minute.

**The value is operating system-dependent. Correct syntax for MAC addresses is using lower case and colons: b8:27:eb:d2:00:3c, for example. If the defined interface is not available, Sync will switch to next active interface.

*** Sync still has some number of working threads created for ongoing work - disk jobs, connections, working with UI. This value sets the number of additional threads for other tasks, like indexing, checking file signatures, etc  It's advisable not to use too many threads on slow CPU so as to avoid its overloading. 

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