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How to manually set the location of the folders synced across my devices?

When you link your devices, you can choose how Sync  Pro will be treating added folders. There are three synchronizations modes available: Disconnected, Selective Sync and Synced.

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When Selective Sync or Synced modes are enabled, Sync will be putting all new folders into the default folder. However, if you want to set the location of a synced folder manually, you should switch the synchronization mode (on the device where custom location for new folders is to be chosen) into ‘Disconnected’:

Click 'My Devices':

Choose 'This device’ > ‘Disconnected’:

Now if you add a folder on your other device, on this device it'll also be displayed in the Sync interface, however, no synchronization will start until you hit 'Connect':

To connect the folder and pick custom location for it,
- hit 'Connect'
- In the 
next window show the path:

On Android device go to Sync app settings -> Advanced and disable Simple mode. From now on, all new folders added on your other linked devices will be synced to this device in Disconnected mode. And every time you will be clicking 'Connect' you'll be able to choose a custom folder location.  


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