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Increasing Debug Log size

​Sync rotates logs to avoid flooding hard drive with debugging information. sync.log file is backed up to sync.log.old every time it reaches log_size preference value (100 Mbytes by default). An existing sync.log.old is discarded at the moment of rotation.

It means that at the end of day Sync can store up to log_size * 2 amount of data. Though, even 200 Mb of data is sometimes not enough to capture the issue due to extensive logging.

Please see instructions below on how to increase your log rotation size.

Windows, Mac

  1. Click the cog button, choose preferences > Advanced > power user settings.
  2. Find the "log_size" ("Max log size") entry in the list.
  3. Enter the value of "200" or more and close the window. Restart Sync.

Linux, FreeBSD, NAS

In Sync 2.3 and newer: increase option "log_size" in power user settings. 
In Sync older than v 2.3:

  1. Open your console (or connect to your box via SSH)
  2. Shut down Sync. When shutting down - do not use "kill -9" option as it may corrupt your DB file
  3. Find the settings.dat file. This file resides in Sync Storage folder.
  4. Download python script attached below.
  5. Run the script with the following parameters: "python settings.dat set log_size 200"
  6. Script won't report anything if operation was successful
  7. Run Sync again

Android, iOS, Windows Phone
It is not possible to adjust log size on mobile platforms

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