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Sync prevents HDD from sleeping on NAS...

If Sync prevents HDD from sleeping on your NAS, you should try the following:

On Sync 2.2 and later:

  1. Go to Preferences > Advanced > power_user.
  2. Set folder_rescan_intervalconfig_refresh_interval, config_save_interval to some significant value, for example, 18'000 (1 stands for 1 second so 18'000 = 5 hours).

On Sync versions prior to 2.2: 

Set folder_rescan_interval
config_refresh_interval and config_save_interval to some significant value, for example, 18'000 (1 stands for 1 second so 18'000 = 5 hours) by following these steps:


  1. Open your console (or connect to your box via SSH)
  2. Shut down Sync. When shutting down, do not use "kill -9" option as it may corrupt your DB file
  3. Find the settings.dat file. This file resides in Sync Storage folder. 
  4. Download python script, intended to change values in bencoded files (wget
  5. Run the script with the above mentioned parameters, for example, "python settings.dat set folder_rescan_interval 18000"
  6. Script won't report anything if operation was successful
  7. Run Sync again

folder_rescan_interval sets how often Sync rescans folder for files' changes.
config_refresh_interval controls how often Sync checks for the info about available trackers and relay servers
config_save_interval controls how often settings are saved to storage

2) Sync logging may also be a factor preventing your NAS from sleeping. Try disabling logging in Sync Preferences -> Advanced, uncheck logging option.

Note that if some nodes are updating files or requesting some data from your NAS - this is going to awake HDD.


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