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How to uninstall Sync?

Before uninstalling, it's better remove shares from Sync and quit it.


Go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall program > click Resilio Sync > Uninstall.
Remember to check "Remove settings". After that, go to %AppData%\ Resilio Sync folder and make sure all the files are deleted from it. 

If Sync is installed as Service, uninstall Resilio Sync Service in Control Panel and then manually remove folder %AppData%\ Resilio Sync Service. 


Delete Resilio Sync from Applications, then go to /Users/username/Library/Application Support and move Resilio Sync folder to trash.

Sometimes Sync  will not get removed from Mac immediately due to Sync Finder Extension running and give an error that plugin is in use.
If that's the case, go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor. In the Process Name column find 'Sync Finder Extension', click on it > in the dialog box hit 'Quit' or 'Force Quit'.

Please note that each folder added to Sync contains a hidden .sync subfolder with an Archive in it. The Archive stores copies of the files which were either deleted or modified in the course of synchronization. Over time, the Archive may grow in size and take up a lot of space on the hard disk. Since uninstallation of Sync  will NOT remove the archived files, it's advisable to remove the hidden .sync folder manually, once uninstallation is complete.


Delete rslsync binary, then delete .sync folder which is placed near the binary. If you were launching it with a config, delete the 'storage_path'.

Linux package 

Before uninstalling Sync package, you'd better stop the application process.
- If your OS uses systemd, use the following commands to control Sync:
sudo systemctl stop resilio-sync 

- If your OS uses sysvinit, upstart, control Sync with the following commands:
sudo service resilio-sync stop

Uninstalling on Debian-based OS. To delete resilio-sync package completely, perform these commands:
sudo apt-get remove resilio-sync 
sudo apt-get purge resilio-sync

Uninstalling on RPM-based OS. To delete resilio binary, perform this command:
sudo yum remove resilio-sync then delete the storage folder: /var/lib/resilio-sync/.


Tap the Settings (cog) icon > Apps > Sync > Uninstall > Confirm uninstallation.


Tap and hold the Sync icon till it starts to wobble and a small cross appears at the top of it > Tap the cross, then confirm you want to delete Sync.
Due to iOS architecture files synced to iOS devices will be removed from the device with Sync uninstallation.

Windows Phone

On start, flick left to the App list > Tap and hold the Sync icon > Uninstall > When asked for confirmation, tap yes.
Due to WP architecture files synced to WP devices will be removed from the device with Sync uninstallation.


 Please note Uninstallation removes the program and does NOT delete any folders which were previously shared via Sync. Once uninstallation is complete, you will still be able to access your folders in the file system with the help of file browser.
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