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Sync 2.x change log


 - Fixed moving files to Archive and replacing them with 0 bytes files
 - Fixed downloading big files to disk on x86 and arm architectures
 - Optimized work with Keynote files on OS X
 - Fixed some crashes at starting and existing Sync


- OpenSUSE repository now works correctly
- Fixed false positive "no free space" error on old arm cpus
- Added option to skip disk free space check in power user settings
- Fixed permissions check before downloading single files
- Added 'proxy_resolve' option to sync.conf
- Added validation of arguments passed to '--decrypt' option
- Fixed disk space detection on btrfs & file systems mounted via FUSE on Linux
- Fixed issue when a partially downloaded file was deleted and .!sync remained in .sync directory
- Fixed crashes
- Fixed invalid symbols in path on Windows that caused syncing stuck
- Improvements and optimization in core



Security fix with btsync:// protocol
Fixed crashes when reading damaged database
Removed false positive "Cannot get list of trackers" error message
Fixed joining multicasts on networks
Fixed showing duplicated peers and devices on OS X
Fixed failure to save settings in WebUI sometimes
Fixed decrypting files on encrypted peer


Introduced performance charts
New Sync statuses and warnings
Advanced power user settings
Added $RECYCLE.BIN and SystemVolume Information to default Ignorelist.
Made file sharing a free feature
Ability upgrade Home Pro to Family Pro from Sync UI
Added API feature to Sync Business Trial

Fixed icon color on OS X Dark Mode
Fixed folders turning to synchronization mode in some cases
Preserve speed settings when restarting Sync
Fixed adding advanced settings via API
Fixed randomization of MAC address in Sync UI
Fixed syncing trailing dot to a Windows peer
Fixed some crashes of file explorer on Windows
Fixed crash because of corrupt database
Fixed some other crashes and freezes
Fixed inability to reset power user settings
Fixed creating conflict name on file name with %
Preserve custom config file when updating linux packages
FileDelayConfig now works on posix
Security vulnerability fix

UI rearrangements and improvements
Other minor fixes and improvements

Option to set autosync for subfolders in Selective Sync shares
Upload progress per file in Camera backup
Implemented network interface priority per folder
Implement sorting, search and multiselect in Downloads share
Fixed crashes in some cases
Fixed scanning media files on Android
Fixed detecting files deletion from SD card
Improved battery usage
Better workflow with SD card
External USB drive now detected by Sync
Other UI improvements and fixes

Option to set autosync for subfolders in Selective Sync shares
Implemented network interface priority per folder
Upload progress per file in Camera backup
Fixed adding more than 10 files to a share at once
Support for IPv6 on iOS
Landscape mode for iPhone
Integration with Files app (iOS 11)
Option to view and clear storage used
Option to re-download locally deleted photos from backup
Other UI improvements and fixes


- Security-related fix with dll loading schema (affects Windows only)


- Fixed inability to auto-update Sync 

- Improved interoperability with 3rd party apps
- Other minor fixes and improvements

- Fixed crash when syncing encrypted folders
- Improved saving configuration on exiting
- Minor improvements and fixes


- Minor cosmetic fixes (few broken links fixed)


 - Fixed Sync reporting inability to download file from remote peer due to being offline
 - Fixed "password_hash" parameter not working on Windows
 - Fixed Sync causing high CPU usage on Mac sometimes
 - Enabled WAN optimization for Sync Business trial
 - Minor cosmetic fixes

- Revise sorting behaviour
- Fixed incorrect UI elements layout
- Fixed system notifications not working on root folder
- Fixed speed limits not saved after restart if set via API
- Crashes on Windows
- Other core improvements and fixes


- Added link to Customer Portal for license management
- Added trial for Sync Business with Server support
- Fixed Sync getting stuck with 100% CPU usage
- Fixed several issues with locked files for single file sharing
- Other minor fixes


- Fixed crash on Sync startup
- Fixed Sync does not display UI after sleep
- Fixed files once locked by other process not syncing ever
- Fixed Sync unable to Sync files over 4Gb in rare cases
- Improved tracker connectivity
- Other minor fixes and improvements


- Added "files_default_path" parameter for arriving files location
- Added Sync Business for NASes
- Fixed issue with once locked files not syncing forever
- Fixed tracker connectivity issues
- Other minor fixes


Changes and fixes:
 - Don't show "indexing" status for old files
 - Added ability to manually re-check locked files
 - Fixed Sync unable to establish direct connection between Android and Desktop
 - Fixed Sync unable to connect to 2.4 peers
 - Fixed "need core field" text in "Owner" column
 - Fixed single file transfer incorrect progress
 - Fixed Sync not seeing any peers after upgrade
 - Fixed Sync unable to connect over proxy
 - Other minor fixes


 - Sync not starting on Mac
 - Sync not starting on NAS devices
 - Various Sync crashes


 - "Choose directory" dialog does not open for Advanced or Encrypted folders
 - Indexing progress is missing
 - Various crashes
 - Other minor and cosmetic fixes


Changes and Improvements:
 - Product naming changes (renamed to Home & Business)
 - One Time Send feature
 - Tabs are back! UI redesign
 - New history tab - searchable and sortable
 - Multi-core support for file indexing
 - Improved IPv6 compatibility
 - Improved folder statuses
 - Improved file diff algorithm
 - Added file-level de-duplication logic
 - WAN accelerated transfers are available in Sync Business Accelerator
 - Placeholders now keep same modification time as real files
 - Optimized indexing speed for large number of files
 - Optimized synchronization of huge (more than TB) files
 - Added support for files larger than 4TB
 - Other cosmetic changes

 - Sync is not properly uninstalled if not shut down
 - OS X Finder Extension does not show status for files with special symbols
 - "Sync to this device" does not spawn placeholders when called on subfolder
 - Sync does not start on OS X Sierra sometimes
 - Sync does not start download for a long time sometimes
 - Selective Sync does not work for subfolders in WebUI
 - Sync cannot add physical drive when it's mounted as folder
 - Sync gets stuck when using predefined hosts sometimes
 - Sync crashes when OS sleeps sometimes
 - Other minor fixes

Sync for Business and Sync Accelerator features only:
 - Data de-duplicaion (file copy instead of re-download if client has file with same hash already)
 - Rolling checksum (synchronization of only changed part of a file even with data shift)


- Sync now runs under rslsync user on Synology NASes and admin user is no longer mandatory
- Fixed UI settings not saved during PC reboot without explicitly quitting Sync
- Fixed Sync not declaring itself as HTTPS app in QNAP package
- Fixed files not being synced when switching between selective / full sync modes
- Fixed sync getting stuck with encrypted folders sometimes
- Fixed Sync not being uninstalled if not closed manually before
- Fixed Sync not starting up after upgrade on OS X 10.12 Sierra
- Fixed system tray icon showing invalid speed data on Windows
- Fixed Sync getting stuck while delivering xattrs on Linux



- Minor issues fix



- Sync free asks for a License upon connection to shared link
- New files are not downloaded automatically in selectively synced subfolders under Linux
- Sync floods logs with messages if syncing to FAT32 FS


Changes and improvements:

- Sync now keeps placeholders mtime up-to-date as on real files


- Sync crashes on shutdown
- Sync gets stuck when bind_interface power option is used
- Sync may get stuck and lose connection to peers when predefined hosts are used
- Sync's context menu in Finder disappears when attempting to sync folder with large number of files
- Locked files aren't shown on Linux
- IgnoreList does not filter out arriving files and folders
- API key expiration is not mentioned in debug log
- Sync crashes with invalid password hash specified in config
- "No network" error splash on startup
- Minor cosmetic fixes


- Fix incompatibility with files ending with asterisk
- Fix Sync showing no folders after migration
- Fix all devices lost in My Devices after migration on Linux
- Fix Sync not starting on OS X sometimes
- Fix Sync showing "No Network" when only bridge interface is available on OS X
- Fix issue with all folders disconnecting when 30-days offline peer comes online
- Fix Sync not launching on Linux x86
- Cosmetic and minor issues fix



Changes and improvements

- Sync rebranding to Resilio & migration from BitTorrent Sync
- Implemented sync schedule (Pro users only)
- Add ability to add selective sync folder from config
- Show locked and unavailable files
- Improve compatibility to OS X 10.12 beta
- Give a warning when Sync goes out of memory
- Indicate when Sync can't connect to relay server
- Store all temp files in .sync folder
- Prevent Sync from opening off-screen
- Hide inactive peers for advanced folders
- Allow Sync to listen all NICs when installed as service
- Improve debugs upload
- Updated Dutch localization (special thanks to Marius Schoof)
- Minor UI improvements


- Upgrade to Pro does not work on OS X sometimes
- Sync crashes after adding a folder in selective sync
- Sync replaces new file by older one after first rescan sometimes
- Offline peers remain in peer list
- "Cannot get the list of trackers" error appears on start briefly
- Sync package does not start on Syno DSM6.0
- Proxy settings not saved
- Sync crashes when receiving invalid API request
- Sync shows IP instead of peer name when connecting over relay
- Don't add extra folder name to folder path when adding folder over link
- Sync prevents NAS from sleeping
- Invalid GUID cookie causes "Invalid request" page
- Trial license ends unexpectedly
- Sync crashes on start sometimes
- Global speed limit gets disabled after restart
- Sync not allows to shutdown itself gracefully sometimes
- Listening port reverts after restart
- Minor cosmetic fixes



- Fixed issue with all folders disconnected by devices that reconnect after 30 days being offline
- Fixed Sync crashing on QNAP NAS
- Fixed Sync doesn't let HDD sleep on Synology NAS
- Fixed bind_interface power option not working on Mac
- Fixed files moved to Archive when unplugging USB drive with synced folder
- Fixed inability to share the folder as Owner after disconnection
- Added parameter to get Sync version thru API
- Improved Sync compatibility to FlexRaid disk pool



- Fixed Sync on Windows deleting file streams sometimes
- Fixed connectivity failures in some cases
- Fixed infinite folder scan
- Fixed issue with setting file attributes on exFAT
- Fixed JavaScript security warning in WebUI on NAS
- Other core improvements and fixes
- Minor UI fixes



- Use HTTPS for receiving updates
- Use HTTPS for sending debug data in Contact Support dialog
- Optimize rescan of folders that constantly change
- Fixed sporadic crashes on Mac
- Fixed issue with Sync restoring renamed file with old name sometimes



- Fixed slow sync causing high CPU usage
- Fixed inability to send feedback



- Removed use_dht from sample config on Linux
- Fixed Sync flooding debug log on Linux if there is folder in Selective Sync mode
- Fixed disappearing folders and some of them returning with (1) postfix
- Fixed issue where directory_root restriction could be violated
- Fixed Sync stopping indexing if folder paused
- Fixed Sync stuck when user re-adds folder with large number of files
- Fixed issue with deleted file returning sometimes
- Fixed memory leak
- Fixed increased memory consumption
- Minor cosmetic fixes


- Fixed Sync crash on all OSes in certain cases
- Fixed high CPU usage on all OSes
- Fixed issue with Sync inability to rename .bts to real file extension when download is finished

- Fixed issue with Sync inability to download data from reconnected peer sometimes
- Reduce debug logging


Changes and improvements
- Sync automatically updates license after renewal

- High CPU and RAM usage by Sync in some cases
- Folders constant indexing
- Sync showing invalid number of seats after adding license
- Sync stops delivering files to RO peers in some cases and consumes RAM
- Sync delivers files to peer but does not rename them from .bts extension
- Fix some crashes
- Minor cosmetic fixes


Changes and improvements

- Nested folder now cannot be added in Selective Sync mode

- Windows 10 reports Sync binary signature to be invalid
- QNAP loses identity after upgrade to 2.3
- Sync crashes on Synology after upgrade
- Sync crashes on exit
- Sync crashes due to memory leak in certain cases
- Localization issues
- Sync corrupts the path of folder located in network after restart
- Sync only gets 10 items when user selects many in Finder (fix is only for OS X 10.11)
- Trial license is not replaced with Pro sometimes
- Minor cosmetic issues
- Several performance-related issues
- Sync does not display images on buttons sometimes
- Special symbols in folder pack may cause files to stop syncing
- Files not synced in folder located on SMB share for some file types



Changes and improvements
- Added Encrypted folder support (so you can encrypt data on untrusted servers or in cloud)
- Added ability to run Sync as a Service on Windows
- Enhanced error handling behaviour and brushed up Sync statuses
- Added Selective Sync on Linux
- Sync for Linux now creates (and loads) storage folder in the current directory

UI changes
- Complete redesign of the Add Folder flow
- It will be possible to change folder path only in case of ‘Folder not found’ or ‘Service files missing’ error
- New design for very advanced (Power User) preferences
- General hygiene usability improvements

- Fixed issue when Sync showed incorrect info about license after applying Pro over Free or Trial
- Sync failed to update license info after license ownership was taken over by an Android device
- Resolved various issues with syncing to network drives: frequent database errors, failing to sync some files, bug when .bts files weren’t re-created after deleting actual files.
- Fixed issues with syncing database of MS Access and similar software
- Issues when indexing or deleting more than 10K of files or renaming 1K of files
- Sometimes certificate was lost after unexpected system restart
- Fixed issue with failing to sync files with read-only attributes set by other apps
- Files were re-downloaded after being restored from archive
- Sync wouldn’t start if there were no shared folders or webui in config
- Sync got stuck sometimes after renaming a subfolder
- Synced files sometimes were duplicated with .bts files
- Issue with getting blank UI when Sync is actually working
- Selective sync switch disappeared on Windows if Sync ran with /webui option or with Internet Explorer 8 or older
- /api/v2/folders call didn’t show RW secret
- Database error randomly appeared after system restart
- Feedback files corruption
- Fixed annoying tips and notifications

Known issues
- Windows 10 claims that binary signature is corrupt or invalid (more info)


- Fixed “Database error” appearing during long time Sync operation with no obvious reason
- Fixed issue with inability to re-apply owner license if client license is applied (business licenses only)
- Fixed minor cosmetic issues


- Crashes on Linux when Sync starts in config mode, then in regular one
- Crashes in Linux chroot'ed environments
- "More options" shows empty list sometimes
- Minor cosmetic fixes


- Fixed an issue with files being sent to archive if user cancels receiving via Explorer extension


- Fixed free space on device info issues
- Fixed localization issues
- Minor cosmetic fixes


Changes and improvements
- Default folder behavior is now "Disconnected" for Windows and OS X clients
- Added a way to apply license from the "License" menu
- Show extended info about remote peer in "My Devices" regardless of default sync mode
- Allow to apply "My Devices" key from manual connection to simplify linking devices procedure
- Fix Sync icon for MacOS
- Minor cosmetic changes

- Teams license cannot replace personal one
- Nothing happens when user clicks "Get started" button in welcome screen


- Sync keeps removing file deleted once by user if this file is copied back
- Added file gets removed in certain cases
- Incorrect Russian localization for peer list
- Various crashes


Changes and improvements
- List of locked files is now available for user

- Crash during Sync startup on Windows
- Sync crashes after seat license is added
- Sync crashes if license request is denied sometimes
- License is not applied until restart
- Advanced settings are not saved after autoupdate sometimes
- Sync does not link Windows and Mac sometimes
- Deprecated settings prevent Linux package built by community from starting
- Personal license does not distribute automatically on free linked devices
- Optimize debug logs to save HDD space
- BTS files remain in the folder sometimes
- Sync shows stub list instead of locked files
- Sync build using GLIBC2.3 does not link on Linux (affects some NAS versions)


Changes and improvements
- Removed 10 folders limitation for Free version
- Trial period now should be manually enabled
- Changed licensing flow for personal use
- Improve compatibility to Microsoft Office, Adobe and Autodesk products
- Make configurable delay when Sync starts processing files with certain extensions
- Add @eaDir* and @SynoResource to default IgnoreList
- Improving debug logs to increase chances of capturing issues
- Optimize memory consumption when sync is minimized to tray
- Allow to select NIC for data transfer instead of binding to all interfaces
- Simplify welcome screen
- Added ability to locate moved folder in "Folder preferences"
- Added standard / advanced folder dialog choice
- Advanced folders (aka 2.0 folders) made only available for Pro users only
- Changed "Sync All on/off" to "Selective Sync"
- Removed option to delete files when disconnecting folder

License fixes
- "License expired" sporadic message
- Your license expired message after restart
- Sharing license with Synology peer doesn't work
- Android device steals license ownership
- License is lost after relinking on mobile device
- Pro license disappears after upgrade
- Owner license is applied after adding seat license
- License owner switches every Sync restart
- Sync reverts back to old license if license upgraded to additional seats sometimes
- Sync does not switch to a new license if using consumer license
- Sync becomes unlicensed for no visible reason
- Sync is unable to apply license and approve license seats from Linux if storage configured outside of directory_root

Crash fixes
- Crash on Mac after Sync starts up
- Crash on Encrypted RO peer on Linux
- Sync crashes sometimes if launched immediately after quitting
- Sync crashed after deleting files from several peers
- Sync crashes after permission change
- Sync causes high CPU usage on Mac and does nothing, later crashes
- Crash during indexing 1.4Tb file.
- Sync doesn't generate dump files after crash
- Intermittent crashes on Windows
- Sync crashes on NAS when folders are renamed/moved on other device
- Sync crashes on removing Camera Backup folder sometimes

Other fixes
- Newer file replaced by old one from offline peer
- Cannot install Sync under user with non-latin characters in name
- Sync closes silently if agree_to_EULA is not set when using APIv2
- Some files are stuck and never synced sometimes
- Sync quits silently if launched from Downloads folder
- Files are duplicated with placeholders after restarting of Sync on OS X
- Improve Sync DB stability
- Sync can't be removed from favorites
- Sync freezes on start sometimes
- Sync creates strange files if FS connected over CIFS/SMB does not support alternate streams
- BitTorrent Sync folder does not appear in Favorites sometimes
- Sync moves file to archive after adding if one of peers already has .bts file counterpart with the same name
- Sync leaves old binary when upgrading from x86 to x64 version
- Sync returns a folder or file which was removed on Android device sometimes
- Placeholder file popup shows up for no reason
- Upgrading 1.4.111 to 2.x leaves old binary on HDD
- New folders are not propagating to linked NAS via My Devices
- No warning shown when folder owned by other sync instance is shared from Window Explorer
- Placeholders do not appear in folders with 100k+ files
- Control+Click does not work as Right Click on OS X
- Sync creates duplicate offline peers when runs in config mode
- Sync may create duplicate offline peer when killed ungracefully
- Sync freezes on shutdown when many files are in Archive
- Sync connects to tracker even if all options for connection are disabled
- Sync icon disappears in system tray
- Sync propagates older file if it was changed while Sync was offline
- Other minor UI cosmetic fixes


-  Sync data download does not work in rare cases



 - Sync icon looks to be paused after upgrade
 - Sync is unable to sync files and get approval requests via relay server sometimes


- Sync moves files to .sync/Archive sometimes
- Sync moves newly created files to archive sometimes
- Sync freezes when user closes it due to many files in Archive
- Sync creates .bts.bts files sometimes
- Peer duplicates in peer list appear if Sync is killed in an ungraceful way
- Sync can't be removed from favorites
- Sync on Windows freezes while transferring/indexing huge amounts of files
- "Synced" mode applied regardless of user's choice sometimes
- "Sync Pro license updated" event appears only on one of the linked devices
- Old type bts placeholders in Sync 2.1 appear when subfolder is removed
- BTS files appear as duplicates of the Synced file (while the folder is in the Sync all mode)
- Large amount of folders causes high CPU usage and folder changes get detected only during rescan
- Files duplicated with .bts placeholders after re-adding by the same path
- Add "Bittorrent Sync" folder to favorites even when no devices are linked
- New folders are not propagated to linked NAS devices sometimes
- Synchronization gets stuck sometimes when many peers involved
- Sync does not update users permissions when gets a new link with permissions lower than those it had
- Sync sometimes returns a removed folder if Android device is present in mesh
- Intermittent Sync crashes on Windows and OS X
- Sync consumes 200% of CPU resources on OS X, then crashes
- Sync freezes on start sometimes
- Improve Sync speed for many small files
- Sync default ignoreList now contains more service files (icon?, icon\r, icon^M)
- Improve compatibility to 3rd party apps on POSIX operating systems
- UI cosmetic fixes


- Fixed issue that would cause UI to not update (like when linking a device or adding a folder)


- Sync API v2 is enabled. For detailed information, see API page.
- A few core engine improvements.


- Minor UI improvements
- A few core engine improvements


- A few core engine improvements


- A few core engine improvements


- If you have a storage device linked to your identity in “Synced” mode, capacity information about that device is shown in the My Devices window so it can be remotely monitored; that device must also be running Sync 2.0.125 or later
- Notifications in Sync are now synchronized across your devices
- Keyboard shortcuts have been added; “ctrl + /” on Windows and “command + /” on OS X to display the available shortcuts
- You can now add a folder to Sync by dragging and dropping it into the main window

- Notifications have been added for changes in folder permissions and licensing status
- Reduced the size of placeholder files on OS X when the folder’s “Sync all” option is off

- “Date synced column” is not empty when peers go offline
- Critical issues have been resolved on POSIX-based systems


- Minor design improvements


- Search for folders, users, and devices in the folder list, peer list, and licenses
- New optional column for “Owner” so you can easily see who owns which folder
- New optional column for “Last transferred” so you know the last time files were changed in a folder
- Ability to hide offline devices in the My Devices list that you are not using anymore

- All settings in a folder's Share dialog are now remembered the next time it is opened
- For Sync-specific options, icons have been added to the contextual menu of folders and files in Explorer (Windows) and Finder (OS X)
- When manually installing a new version of Sync for Windows, the installer now properly shuts down the existing version of Sync, making the update process easier
- Additional usability and design improvements
- Many core engine improvements

- The UI is now properly scaled on high-resolution Windows displays, like those on the Microsoft Surface Pro
- Improved the accuracy of files that need to be sent or received in the peer list
- Accuracy of receiving performance statistic has been improved
- Resolved an issue when disconnecting/connecting a folder after changing the default path
- Resolved an issue that would cause the incorrect path to show in the “Path” column
- Resolved a CPU usage issue on OS X that would result in the WindowServer process consuming resources
- On OS X, hidden items can now be selected when adding a folder if they are made visible in the Finder
- Resolved an issue on OS X Yosemite that caused some checkboxes and radio buttons to be duplicated
- “Pause receiving” is changed to “Cancel receiving” in a file’s contextual menu when it is being received
- Resolved an issue that sometimes caused the Sync-specific contextual menu options disappear in the Finder
- Resolved an issue that Sync prevents OS X from entering sleep mode


- Minor improvements


- Resolved an issue preventing Sync from automatically starting after installing an update
- Can now share a folder using a link and give the receiver owner permissions
- Cosmetic enhancements
- Some core engine improvements


- In “My Devices”, a “Sync all” badge is shown next to your device set to sync all contents of all your folders
- The web UI for Linux and NAS does not have to be reloaded anymore in certain circumstances
- Resolved an issue that could result in a device not having an identity
- Resolved an issue that could result in a blank UI
- Resolved an issue that would prevent license expiration notifications from displaying
- Sync installed in a custom directory on Windows now properly launches
- Improved synchronization between your desktop and Android devices
- Improved file update mechanism in certain circumstances
- Cosmetic enhancements
- Fixed various crashes


​- Fixed various crashes on all OS


- Cosmetic fixes only


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