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Updating Sync to latest version

Updating on Desktops

To be notified about Sync updates, keep option "Always check for updates to this version" enabled in Sync settings. 


Upon startup Sync will check for new version and notify you if any are found and suggest installing it. If automatic installation fails for a reason, go to our site and manually download the update. Note, not all Sync versions are pushed to autoupdate. The surest way to get the latest version is to check our site, download and install the latest version. Please carefully choose between Sync Home or Sync Business.


When you use Sync with WebUI, there'll be no "Check now button".  If Sync's been pushed to autoupdate, notification will appear in WebUI's notification zone. In either case, manually download the updated Sync from our site.




Updating on mobiles

Go to the apps store for you mobile platform and install the update. 

Updating on NAS

Not all NAS vendons publish the lasted Sync package in their application centers.  That is why sometime you find old Sync version there. To download the update for a NAS, go to our site  and select the NAS. Else, you can go to HelpCenter NAS page and download the package directly from here. If the latest packages are not published there, it means that they have not been released yet. Recheck the page in a while.

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