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Is it possible to share a nested folder separately?

Yes, it is possible with certain limitations:

- Both parent folder and child folder (subfolder) must have Read & Write or Owner permissions.
- Both folders are treated as separate sync folders, so additional indexing will be done.
- Other peers that have the same parent folder will NOT seed the data to peers which have only the child folder (see the figure below).

- Both parent folder as well as child folder must have "Selective Sync" disabled.

This figure illustrates syncing child folders (subfolders) as separate shares. On Peer1 computer there is a folder A, and B is its subfolder. Both A and B are added to Sync as separate shares: A is shared with Peer2 and B is shared with Peer3. 

In this setup, Peer1 and Peer3 will be syncing only the content of folder B. But Peer1 and Peer2 will be syncing both: A - as a sync share, and B - as a subfolder of A. 

The side effects of such setup are: 

a) heavy load on Peer1. Folder B will be indexed and rescanned twice - as a subfolder of A-share, and as a separate share. 

b) if Peer3 makes changes to files in B, they will be delivered to Peer2 all the same: from Peer3 synced to Peer1 within B-share. Since this directory is also a subfolder of A-share, files will be synced to Peer2 within A-share. 


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