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Where to collect logs on NAS?

Each NAS has its own local storage for Sync's files (.sync folder with database, settings, logs, etc). You may find the logs (sync.log and all files) in the following directories depending on the NAS. If the mentioned path does not contain the logs, you may see the local storage in a config file (sync.conf) and check that storage for logs.

You can use any tool to get the logs or use our instruction.

Synology NAS sync.conf and sync.log are in  

Netgear ReadyNAS, sync.conf and sync.log are in

QNAP,  sync.log files are located on whatever volume the user choses to install the application.
/share/HDA_DATA/.qpkg/ResilioSync/storage where instead of HDA_DATA, HDB_DATA, ... etc.
Config file is /share/HDA_DATA/.qpkg/ResilioSync/resilio-sync.conf

Seagate,  sync.log is located in /media/internal_1/rainbow/
The config file (config.json) is located in /media/internal_1/rainbow/resilio-sync-xxxxxxxx/opt/resilio-sync/config.json
Note that "xxxxxxx" after "resilio-sync-" stand for the container ID which is generated randomly, so it'll be different on each NAS.
Also, instead of 'internal_1" you may have "internal_2", etc. based on naming convention.

Drobo, config file and logs are located in:

Western Digital NAS allowing third party application (WD MyCloud EX2, WD MYCloud EX4, WD MyCloud EX2100, WD MyCloud 4100,...) Resilio Sync will install itself on an available drive. Config and logs will be in:

AsuStor, Resilio Sync will install itself on an available drive. Config and logs will be in:


For SnapServer (Overland), the path of the directory including sync.log would likely be:

For Overland Storage the .sync folder is located at:
/hd/vol_mntX/btsync (where "X" is some number, most likely 0).
Config file sync.conf is located at:

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