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What's new in Resilio Sync 2.6.0

Resilio Sync 2.6 comes with the following features and improvements. 

Realtime performance charts 
As files are being synced, graphs show current device network and disk performance. These include not only current transfer speed, but also disk load, network latency and overall statistics. Read more here.

Ability to decrypt Encrypted folders
Encrypted folders are widely used  to keep file backups on an untrusted node. With Resilio Sync 2.6 one has option to decrypt files on that node using decryption key. Read more here

Made single file sharing a free feature
Until now only licensed Sync could share a single file with others. Now this feature is available in Sync Home Free! 

Option to select allowed network for shares on mobiles
On Android and iOS devices Sync v2.6.0 gives a choice of network interface per share. It means that some shares can be allowed to sync files on any network, while others restricted to WiFi only or to certain WiFi network. Read more here

Support for Files app on iOS
Sync files are also available through Files app. Note that files won't appear in 'Recents' if Sync is protected with passcode.

Other fixes and improvements
See change log


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