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Resilio Sync API

Resilio Sync provides REST API for developers. Full API documentation is here

Starting with Sync v2.6.0 API feature is be added as an add-on in Business license. Also, it's enabled by default in Sync Business Trial. 

To start using API put sync.conf file into Sync storage folder and restart Sync. Below if the minimal sufficient config file. More parameters for configuration file are available here

"webui" : {
"listen" : "",
"api_key" : ""

This is json format. Note the empty "api_key" value. In Sync v.2.6.0 API key is not required provided API feature is present in license. 

On the other hand, if you already have an API key, it will continue working with Sync v2.6. There's no need to purchase additional add-on for license. Just make sure that in this case the key is present in config. 

However, Sync v2.5 and older do not parse API add-on in license and thus API key in config is compulsory. If you don't have API key please contact support. 


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