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- How can I start synchronizing files between computers, mobiles, NAS and etc.?
Start from reading these articles:


- Why Resilio Sync was developed? What was wrong with BitTorrent Sync?
Nothing was wrong. But Sync team has separated from BitTorrent Inc into Resilio Inc, to better concentrate and ease developing process while working on Sync. That is why BitTorrent Sync app was rebranded to Resilio Sync.


- What does it mean for the product? Will it change? 
Nope, Sync will remain that old good app that you know. No core features are taken away. On the contrary, Sync is being improved and new features are added. 
The major change affects its name only, due to which BitTorrent Sync app settings are to be migrated to Resilio Sync. Check our migration articles: desktops, mobiles and NAS


- Do I have to pay to start using Resilio Sync instead of BitTorrent Sync? 
Nope. Migration is free of charge and there is no need to pay for it! If you're already a Pro user, you will keep your licences and it'll go on working on Resilio Sync. If you're using Sync Free, you can keep using it.


-What if I want to keep using BitTorrent Sync? I don't want Resilio Sync.
It's up to you! If BitTorrent Sync works for you, and you don't feel the urge to update, keep it. But note that BitTorrent Sync is no longer developed, so no fixes, features and improvements can be delivered there. Everything now goes to Resilio Sync.



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