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Introducing rebranded Resilio Sync

We are happy to announce Resilio Sync app - a fully rebranded BitTorrent Sync descendant. Resilio Sync is based on the same security and privacy principles as BitTorrent Sync. The core idea behind it is the same: keep your files safe, sync them fast. It has taken the best from BiTorrent Sync and added a few more further improvements. 

Here's what new in Resilio Sync:

Single File sharing
This is a Pro feature and lets you share files directly, skipping creation of a separate sync share for it. Click here for details 


Syncing Schedule
This a Pro feature, which lets you put Sync to pause or limit bandwidth on certain days and hours. Click here for details.


Search and sort options on Android
Instead of browsing through all the files, use Search option to find the one that you currently need. To ease it all, sorting by name, size or date was implemented. 


Better feedback from the app
Resilio Sync shows the list of files that are locked from it and cannot be synced, warns about system resources overuse, and reports connectivity problems. 


Other fixes and improvements
Check the change log for details 



You can use your valid BitTorrent Sync Pro license for your Resilio Sync client.

Sync Home And Business Licensing

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