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Upgrade on mobiles (BitTorrent Sync -> Resilio Sync)

Migration from BitTorrent Sync to Resilio Sync on mobile devices - iOS and Android -  is done in two steps: moving of settings to new storage and adjusting sync shares. 

Before installing Resilio Sync please install the latest BitTorrent Sync available in stores, which announces Resilio Sync and has migration mechanism implemented. 



Seeing this screen after running freshly installed Resilio Sync means that migration is about to begin 

Tap on "Start migration" to proceed. It will take a while to move settings, identity details, sync shares from BItTorrent Sync app to Resilio Sync app. All files will remain in the synced folders. 

Once done, Resilio Sync will open and sync shares will need to be adjusted. The flow is different for each share depending on where it's located. Follow the steps below:

1) If a share is located in default location ~/Downloads/BitTorrent Sync/ or in any directory on internal device's memory, there is no need to do anything with it. The share will be preserved as it is and keep on syncing. 

2) If a share is located on SD card, in Resilio Sync it will have status "Cannot open the destination folder" and the app will notify you about necessity to point it to the right location. Tap on the share and pick the same folder location once again. The share will reconnect and Sync will reindex it.


3) Valid for KitKat with limited access to SD card: If a share is located on SD card in its sandbox ~/Android/data/, in Resilio Sync it will have status "Cannot be migrated. Tap to fix it".

The problem with migration is caused by limited write permissions on SD card. Resilio Sync cannot have access to sandbox of BitTorrent Sync, and vice versa. Thus silent migration is not possible. There are two ways to deal with these shares:

- open your file manager, manually go to /SDcard/Android/data/com.bittorrent.sync and copy/move the share to internal phone's memory or, if your file manager has root permissions, to /SDcard/Android/data/com.resilio.sync. 
Go back to Sync, tap on the share and pick its new location. Sync will reconnect to other peers and reindex the files.

- remove the share from Sync and create a new one by scanning QR code from another peer. Pick /SDcard/Android/data/com.resilio.sync as new share location. Sync will reconnect to the peers, and re-download the files. 

Camera Backup, or any other backup folder, will keep on syncing as it was, no need to do anything with it. 

If you have customized Default folder location in Sync setting, it will switch to default /storage/sdcard0/Download/Sync.

After migration is done, Resilio Sync will continue syncing the shares. BitTorrent Sync app will not be uninstalled, but all settings from it are removed. Thus, if you try to open BitTorrent Sync app,  it will act as if it's a fresh install.



Seeing this screen means that migration is about to begin. Tap 'Start Migration" and pick BitTorrent Sync app as a source of settings. This will move your settings, identity details and sync shares to new app. 

Files in sync shares will be copied from BitTorrent Sync to Resilio Sync. See the flow before migrating: 

- shares with Selective Sync OFF will be re-synced. So make sure that you do that on Wi-Fi to save traffic, and make sure that your device has enough free space to store another copy of share.

- shares with Selective Sync ON will not we re-synced. Even if you had some files synced, they will not remain synced here, and two options are possible:
a) re-download them from connected peers. Make sure you do that on Wi-Fi to save traffic. 
b) copy them from BitTorrent Sync app via "Add files" menu. This option it not available for shares with Read-Only permission level. Note, that this will copy the files, so you will end up with two copies of files in a share. Manually delete the un-synced one. 

Camera backup will keep syncing as it was. 

Once migration is done, BitTorrent Sync app will stop syncing for all shares. You can open the app and verify that you've copied all necessary files from there. After that you can manually uninstall BitTorrent Sync app. 


Still have questions on migrating? Please contact support! 


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