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Checking connectivity with wget

This article explains a troubleshooting step from checking connectivity problem article

Installing and running wget

Wget for Mac
If you have wget on your mac - skip to the step #6

  1. Download wget and unpack it using Finder or this Terminal command:
    tar -zxvf wget-1.16.2.tar.gz
  2. Open Terminal and navigate to the folder where you've dispatched the archive:
    cd Downloads/<yourpath>/wget-1.16.2/
    Run this command:
    ./configure --with-ssl=openssl 
    You will see some commands running being executed. 
  3. Run this command:
    sudo make install
    and wait until Mac prompts you to enter your user's password 
  4. Open Finder and go to /usr/local/bin/wget and see that it is installed 
  5. Go back to Terminal and run command
    wget -O /Users/<any_existing_path>/sync.conf

Wget for Windows

  1. Put the 5 attached files to a separate folder on your PC (for example C:\wget). 
  2. In Command Line navigate to the folder where you've put the attached files using command cd (just type cd C:\wget). 
  3. Once in the folder, type this command:

Wget for Linux

Wget is pre-installed on most Linux distros. So you only need to run the command:

Interpreting the output
If wget fails to download the file - you definitely face some connectivity issues. For example, your browser or firewall has some strict rules, Parent Control that block some http traffic.
if wget downloads the file - please check it's content. If it looks differently than displayed below (not a JSON format) it is very likely that it get replaced with something else. For example, proxy server might feed a "not found" page instead.

"trackers" :
{"addr" : ""},
{"addr" : ""},
{"addr" : ""}
"relays" :
{"addr" : ""},
{"addr" : ""},
{"addr" : ""},
{"addr" : ""}
"mobile_push_proxies" :
{"addr" : ""}

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