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Sync 2.2 FAQ

Sync Pro and Licensing

Q: I’m a current Pro customer and I use Sync for personal use. How do I get my non-subscription license?

A: If you use Sync for personal purposes, go to the web portal and authenticate your purchase using your current License ID, proceed and download a new license key that will give you a non-subscription license. Your will need to activate it on your devices for the upgrade to take effect.  Your current License ID can be found in Sync -> Menu -> License, or from Purchase Confirmation mail received earlier after purchase.

Q: I’m a current Pro customer and I use Sync for personal purposes. I noticed that “Priority Support” is no longer offered for personal/individual licenses. Do I still get support?

A: Only customers who have a Pro subscription license will receive Priority Support.

Q: I’m a current Pro customer and I use Sync for business purposes. What do I need to do?

A: For business users of Sync, nothing changes. You don’t need to update your license, which will still be billed on a yearly basis.

Q: If I purchase a non-subscription license of Sync for personal use, does this include updates and upgrades?

A: Non-subscription Sync Pro licenses include all product updates within a given product version. Upgrade releases contain functional enhancements and must be purchased separately unless you have an active subscription license.

Q: I’m a current Pro customer and I use Sync for personal use. I've purchased a multi-seat license. How do I get my non-subscription license?

A: Contact our support team using the link in the top right corner of this page and they will help you out.


Feature Updates

Q: What’s the difference between Standard and Advanced folders? Why did you introduce a new type of folder?

A: We’ve always had two types of folders in Sync 2.X, but based on your feedback we’ve improved the default options for creating folders and the way you interact with them.

  • Standard (formerly known as 1.4) folders are available in the Free and Pro versions of Sync and are designed for easy access. Anyone with access to a standard folder can share. Once access is granted, it cannot be changed or revoked. With a key, a user can make their first connection with any peer.
  • Advanced (formerly known as 2.0) folders are available in Pro only and are designed for sharing and collaboration. Owners of advanced folders can change or revoke access at any time. Only an owner can share the folder, and the device that created the link must be online for a peer to connect.

Q: What happened to ‘Sync All’?

A:  Don’t worry! We haven’t removed ‘Sync All’, we’ve just renamed it to ‘Selective Sync’. No functionality or settings in your client have changed at all. We received user feedback that our ‘Sync All’ terminology was confusing and we’ve made this change to address it.


Trial Updates

Q: What are the changes to Sync’s trial structure?

A: We want to encourage broader usage of Sync, so new users will have all of our free functionality enabled by default. At any time, you can opt-in to a 30-day trial of all our Pro features, but it will no longer be mandatory.

Q: What happened to “My devices”? I’m using Sync Free and can no longer link to other devices!

A: Linking devices in the My Devices mesh is now available as part of the Pro trial only. You can opt-in to the Pro trial at any time to experience this functionality. 

Q: What happened to 2.0 folders? I’m using Sync Free and can no longer create managed folders.

A: 2.0 folders still exist -- they are now known as Advanced folders and are available as part of Sync Pro. You can still create Standard folders in Free version of Sync.

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