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Is there a Command Line Interface (CLI) for Sync 2.x on Windows?

Yes. Below is a list of command line switches available for Sync on Windows.

/config <config_name>
Starts Sync in configuration mode.

Forces Sync to open web interface in the default browser. Note that Sync will only listen on the loopback interface and won’t allow connections from other computers. If you want to allow connections from other computers, also use /config and allow WebUI to listen on other interfaces.

Runs Sync without installation. Sync will not install itself to Program Files and will use the default storage directory (%appdata%\Resilio Sync).

'Silent' start (no program interface will be displayed. 

Runs Sync installer which will show installation wizard and install Sync to the Program Files folder as well as create a default storage path.

Forces Sync to not show UI window. It will still be accessible from system tray.

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