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Sync interface on WP

Sync is the main view which lets you access the app's main features. 

What's new shows the list of newly added folders.

Favorites stores the files/folders which you you marked as favorite (to add a file/folder to 'favorites', tap and hold it for approx. 2 seconds, then tap 'add to favorites').

To switch between these views, simply flick to the left/right or tap 'What's new', 'Favorites' or 'Sync' at the top. 



1. Tap to add a new folder via QR code scan.

2. Tap to backup your pictures (or view backup progress if it is already configured).

3. Tap here to share existing folders.

4. Takes you to 'Folders', 'Requests' and 'My Devices'. 


To switch between these views, simply flick to the left/right or tap 'Requests', 'My devices' or 'Folders' at the top. 



Folders shows the list of all folders added to Sync (including synced, connected and disconnected folders).

Requests displays requests from other users wishing to add your folders. You can set the approval request requirement in the Share dialog.

My devices shows the list of linked devices. Also lets you add more devices or unlink this mobile device from other devices.


5. Takes you to the Help Center.

6. Opens Settings.

7. Opens Contact support form. 


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