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What data is collected/seen by Resilio Inc when I use Sync?

There are several points of contact with Resilio Inc. infrastructure:

Tracker - This service allows for peers to find each other under normal network conditions. Once peers learn each other's address, they try to connect to each other directly

Relay Server - If the peers cannot establish direct connection due to a Firewall or NAT rule, Relay server can be used to connect peers.

Check for Update - This service lets the client know if it has the current version and will update if the client is set for auto-updates and the update itself allows for auto-update.

Link landing page - When someone clicks a link to get a folder or a license, Sync provides a link landing page to ensure the user has a chance to install Sync if they don't already have it, and to seamlessly pass the link to their Sync client if it is already running. Our server counts the number of links and licenses that are clicked, but we use the anchor tag (#) mechanism in the link so that our server never sees your unique folder identification information.

License Purchase server - When you purchase and upgrade Sync Pro license, you give us your email address. We only use this email to administer your Pro account. See our Privacy Policy.

All of these options can be avoided or turned off while using Sync – either in share preferences or in power user settings. If you don't use any of these, we will not get any information about you.

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