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How secure is sharing data via Resilio Sync?

Resilio always puts your security first – that’s why we made Sync even safer than it was before. Instead of using keys like its 1.4-predecessor, Sync 2.x makes use of the X.509 digital certificate, which ensures that such operations as adding peers, sharing folders, revoking access to folders, etc are done in a secure way. SSL is used to provide security for peer data exchange over network. 

Here are some of the key security and privacy properties of Sync:

* Sync only transfers data by establishing a direct connection between peers you select. This allows data to exist at rest exclusively on private infrastructure.
* Sync keeps ALL your data private. Other solutions may keep your files private, but store login, usage, and access information on public servers.
* Sync uses cryptographic security instead of a password-based system, and all your data is AES-128 encrypted in transit.
* Sync uses X.509 digital certificates for mutual authentication and validation of file modification requests.
* Insecure, but easy-to-use tools (like email) can be used to securely sync folders with Sync.
* Each device has full control over how it communicates with other peers and services can be limited to increase privacy.
* Resilio collects usage statistics from Sync to help us improve the product. This information is sent in the clear so you know what we are gathering.

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