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My device has lost the license and Sync has reverted to the Free version. How can I return the Pro functionality?

If you're using Home Pro or Family Pro, just re-apply the license key. 
If you're using Sync Business or Business Accelerator, apply the license key on license Owner.

The Owner of the license is the peer who activated it - applied the license key file - most recently. Sync license for Business can have only one Owner, therefore applying the license key to Sync on another device will override the previous activation.

For step-by-step instructions on applying the key, click here.
If you were using a shared seat and, for some reason, your device "lost" it, contact the license owner first - they may have revoked your seat on purpose (license owners can both share and reclaim seats at any time), or more seats than the license has were shared. If not, ask them to re-share a seat again.
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