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- I already have Sync Pro license for Individuals that I bought some time ago. Do I need to pay to update to Home Pro and what's is the difference between them? 
There is no need to pay, and basically there is no difference between these two licenses. This is just a renamed license. So simply keep using your license after updating to Sync v.2.5. Sync Pro license for Individuals covers all Sync v2.x updates.


- I've lost my license key. Link to download license in Purchase confirmation mail is not working. Where can I get my license?
That's right - the "Download license" link from Purchase Confirmation mail is valid for only 30 days. 
There are a a few places to download the license key from:
Purchase confirmation mail. If you've bought non-subscription license for personal use, you can download it from the mail - the license key is attached there.
License Management Console. Register (if haven't yet) and login there, download the license key any time. 
Support. Contact support and tell them purchase details - licenseID, orderID or at least the e-mail, and they'll send license to you. 

- Can I update my current Pro license (for personal use) to Family pack or do I need to purchase it separately? 
You can update. Use License Management Console for that. 
Another option is to use the link below:
where instead of ##### you need to put the order number. You can learn it from Purchase confirmation mail, or if the mail is lost, contact support and tell them your license ID, or at least the e-mail with which you've bought the current license. Order number has length of 5 digits.
Once updated, download the new license key and share it with your family members. Let them apply the license key to their Sync. 


- My subscription license expired and didn't renew automatically. How can I just renew it, or shall I purchase the new license?
License, billed on a subscription basis, will expire and not renew (provided Auto-renewal is enabled) if bank declined transaction.
You can renew the license through License Management Console


- I have Sync Business Trial installed and it's about to expire/expired. How can I revert back to Home Pro or Home Free? 
Sync Business does not have free version, so when trail period ends, you're prompted for license. 
To revert back to Home Pro, just apply the license.
To revert back to Home Free, completely uninstall Sync Business, remove Sync storage folder and download Sync Home from our site



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