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Sync 2.5 overview

Resilio Sync 2.5 comes with a lot of powerful functionality. This article outlines some of the key features of Sync 2.5 providing references to articles discussing these features in detail.

Note: Connecting mobile device with Sync v.2.4 to desktop devices with Sync 2.5 is not possible through QR code.

Some features are available only in licensed version of Sync, as will be noted below.

Differentiating between Home and Business usage: 

Sync is now being developed to fit home and commercial usage. While the idea behind the app, its core and performance still remains the same, Home and Business editions have different sets of features. For detailed comparison of the features see here


File sharing:

Instead of sharing the whole folder with files, you can now send the files (or a bunch of them) separately, through links or QR codes. See the detailed guide here
Available in Home Pro and Business. 


My Devices*

Sync 2.5 can embrace all your devices via a common digital certificate. Once it's done, you won’t have to use keys, links or QR codes when sharing folders between your own desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, etc. When you install Sync 2.5 on all your devices and link them together with one identity, the folders you add on one device will be automatically available on all the other devices. For syncing data outside ‘My devices’ group, as before, Links and QR codes are to be used. Learn more.

Synchronization modes & Selective Sync*

Sync 2.5 offers you a lot more flexibility in synchronizing your data. Now you can choose from the following three modes:

1. ‘Synced’ – all data is synced in full.

2. ‘Selective Sync’ - you can access a folder, view its contents and pick specific files for synchronization without syncing the rest of the folder. This is especially useful when your device has a relatively small storage, or when you deal with really large files and want to avoid wasting time and traffic on data you might not need later on.

3. ‘Disconnected’ – folders available for synchronization will be displayed in Sync UI, however, you won’t see their contents, and no data transfer will occur until you connect the folder. Learn more.


Standard, Advanced and Encrypted folders

Sync 2.5 offers three types of folders: Advanced - coming with new, advanced functionality, and Standard - offering simplified functionality, Encrypted - keep the files encrypted on an untrusted storage. Advanced folders make use of X.509 digital certificate, which ensures that such operations as adding peers, sharing folders, revoking access to folders, etc are done in a secure way. SSL is used to provide security for peer data exchange over network. See this article for more detail about Advanced vs Standard, and here for more details about Encrypted folders.
Advanced folders are available in Home Pro and Business edition. 


Improved Peer Management:

Sync 2.5 also offers more control over the folders you share: you can make on-the-fly permission changes (Available for Advanced folders only) to extend or limit peers' access at any time and avoid the need to send new links. Since Sync 2.2 stores certificates for approved users, the number of connection approval requests is reduced – once you’ve shared a folder with somebody, you don't have to approve that person in the future. Learn more.


UI changes

Sync 2.5 inherits the simplicity and handiness of the older versions, and we've also added new features and controls. For example, now you can sort the folder list, pause individual folders, use hotkeys, manage the license, move folders around in your filesystem without breaking the connection, and what not.


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