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Before installing Resilio Connect agent on Drobo, you need to mount DroboApps share, if it's not yet mounted.


Mounting DroboApps:

1. In Drobo Dashboard go to DroboSettings -> Admin and enable "DroboApps" share. Reboot Drobo.
2. On main Dashboard page check the box to mount DroboApps volume. The mounted folder shall appear in the file manager on your desktop.


Installing Resilio Connect agent:

1) Download the agent config from Management Console, name it sync.conf
2) Download the package from below this page.
3) Put sync.conf and tar archive into the root of mounted DroboApps share.
4) Reboot Drobo.

After reboot, the package will get installed automatically and sync.conf moved to Agent's storage. Agent will also automatically connect to Management Console.

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