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Resilio Connect solves a number of syncing tasks offering a simplified flow for each case. Each task is fulfilled through a corresponding job - Data Distribution, Data Synchronization and Data Consolidation. 

Distribution and Consolidation are one-time jobs, meaning they take and transfer the selected data once, after the job is created. When initial transfer is done, the job is not re-usable, and new one shall be created in order to sync new data. 

Distribution job has an option to run a bash command after transfer is finished, for example, manage files, launch a script, etc.

Synchronisation job is reusable, meaning that once the initial data transfer is done, you can add new data to the share and it'll get synced. Each job can be paused during transfer and resumed.

See each job's details in corresponding article (Distribution, ConsolidationSynchronisation).



Distribution job can perform a command once files are delivered to destination agents. A post command is basically a bash command or a script that is supported and can be executed by agent's operating system. With this, for example, administrator can remotely execute a delivered file, move them around, run a script that involves synced files, etc. For more details about post commands see this article



Now it's possible to install Resilio Connect Agent on an Android or iOS device. Mobiles devices can do a Synchronization job and act as a self-sufficient agent along with desktops. This article covers agent installation on mobiles, and this section gives overview of their usage. 



Resilio Connect Management Console has an option to visually estimate performance: multiple real-time graphs reflect the current and recent activity by different parameters. 

These graphs let you see the performance by month, day, latest hour or last 10 minutes. They reflect overall performance, or performance per job or an agent. 

For more details on performance monitoring see this article.  



Resilio Connect Management Console fetches and silently installs a new agent on the current computer. It shows up as a "Management Server Desktop" in agents list, where "Desktop" - is the computer's name. With this, there is no need to manually install an agent here. Management Server is a fully fledged agent that can take part if files sharing. 



Resilio Connect introduces read-write Selective Sync mode, available in Synchronization job. Agents for which the mode is enabled will create placeholders for files until a necessary file or a subfolder is exclusively selected for download. It helps to save storage on workstations. Read-write mode means that these agents are also able to propagate files' updates to other agents. For more details about Selective Sync mode see here


Resilio Connect supports setup with IPv6 networking. Agents can connect to Management Console and to custom tracker by IPv6 address. These shall be defined in Management  Console and Agent's config files. 

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